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Gong(s) gathering and Full Moon Meditation

Sunday September 19th at 5:00pm

On the evening of Sunday September 19 at 5:00pm Yoga West will host an in-person outdoor event featuring a Full Moon Meditation and Gong(s) immersion. We expect to complete around 6:15pm. Donations will be accepted for this event and will benefit Food for Lane County.

For this event we can gather at the studio before crossing the street to Tugman Park to assemble our circle. Look forward to some light yoga and pranayama.  We will then chant the Antar Naad mantra as a Full Moon meditation (see below) followed by an extended session soaking in the vibratory effects of one or more gongs resting on our backs.  Bring some water, something to sit on, and a blanket to cover up with during the gong.

The Antar Naad manta - Saa Ray Saa Saa, Saa Ray Saa Saa, Saa Ray Saa Saa, Saa Rang; Har Ray Har Har, Har Ray Har Har, Haa Ray Har Har, Har Rang – opens the chakras and sensitizes us to the impact of the inner sound current. Saa means the Infinite, subtle and beyond, and is the element of ether. It initiates and contains all other effects. Har is the creativity of the earth, tangible and personal. It is the power of manifestation.  During the meditation we uniquely move and flow between using a lotus mudra then a prayer pose mudra. The Antar Naad meditation is peaceful and delightful.

The sound of the Gong creates deep relaxation, releasing us from the torrent of thoughts our mind releases, and it stimulates the glandular system to a higher level of functioning. People are deeply affected as gong immersions reduce tension and stimulate circulation.  These prospects keep bringing people back for more once they have dipped their toes and psyches into this magical sonic environment.

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