Meditation and Gong Evening

Event Times:

Day Time
Sun, 19 Dec 2021
Every 3rd Sunday
7:00 to 8:00 PM

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Sat Ganesha Singh

Event Description:

We will start class with a Meditation, Pranayam or Kriya for 22 minutes. From there we will move into the sound current of the Gong for 31 minutes. While the gong is being played you will relax on your back or be in any comfortable position. No prior experience needed to attend. Meditation, Pranayam or Kriya may be challenging but modified as needed to appropriately participate the best you can.

Room and What to Bring:

You may want to bring something to cover yourself during relaxation. The floor is 100% wool and padded but you might choose to bring a meditation cushion or blanket for your personal space. Based on expected attendance of twelve people, we will be about six feet apart, could change with attendance. We have an air filter that has HEPA, charcoal and UV light. We have windows which I may open slightly depending on weather. We ask that cell phones be in airplane mode or turned off.

  • Pay it forward or cash donation, no one turned away.
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