Sat Nam Rasayan® Workshop Healing Inner Conflict

with Hargopal Kaur Khalsa

Saturday July 20th, 1:00 - 6:00
Yoga West 3635 Hilyard, Eugene OR 97405

There are many conflicts in our lives. We may want a partner, but don’t know how to communicate. We want love, but may not love ourselves. We want success, but don't believe in ourselves. Inner conflicts create blocks. Through the Sat Nam Rasayan® healing space, we can dissolve such blocks, allowing a person to come into alignment with who they are, opening up to living more fully.

Workshop: $75; after 7/13, $85
Private Sat Nam Rasayan or Family Constellation sessions, 45 minutes: $100; after 7/13, $125 Workshop and private session: $155; ends 7/13.

To register and for more information contact: 541-687-5929

Sat Nam Rasayan®:

Sat Nam Rasayan® is an ancient healing modality that is based on Shuniya, being zero. As we empty the knowledge and beliefs of the fantasy world that most people live in, our consciousness grows, our alignment with ourselves and reality strengthens, success will be a constant companion, and our ability to serve others knows no bounds.

The consciousness in SNR® is a sacred space of healing, a meditative state, in which blocks to health, resistance to the flow of life, and self-limiting concepts can be dissolved.

Yogi Bhajan described SNR® as “ultra relaxation.” A person relaxes so deeply that their system lets go of what isn’t working for them. Whether a person has issues physically, emotionally, or mentally, the deep relaxation of SNR® supports a person to be able to let go of what is holding them in a state of dis-ease.

Hargopal Kaur Khalsa Bio:

Hargopal Kaur had a career in aerospace and now devotes herself to teaching Sat Nam Rasayan®, yoga and meditation; facilitating family constellations; and serving clients. She compiles books based on Yogi Bhajan’s teachings (they’re even on Amazon). Her passion is to uplift and help people grow and feel better – emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. In her own meditative practice, and having studied with Yogi Bhajan, Guru Dev Singh, and Bert Hellinger, she is focused on emptying herself so that she can clearly, neutrally, compassionately serve. Hargopal is based in Los Angeles and has traveled in the US, Canada, and Europe to teach and see clients.