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Sunday Sadhana

4:15 am to 6:45 am

We are grateful to share with you one of the most transformative elements of Kundalini Yoga taught to us by Yoga Bhajan: morning sadhana.

Please join us in the “ambrosial hours” each Sunday morning for the full 2½ hours of yoga, meditation and prayer - or as the spirit calls you.

NOTE: It is fine to arrive and leave at any time. Please knock if you find the door is locked.

Sadhana Program:

Time Description
4:15 - 4:35am JapJi - Song of the Soul
4:35 - 5:30am Kundalini Yoga – to prepare the body for sitting in meditation.
5:30 - 6:35am Aquarian Meditations – to clear the mind and focus intent.
6:35 - 6:45am Ardas and Hokum – to elevate the spirit.

Sadhana Schedule will be posted:

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- Yogi Bhajan