Ravi Tej Singh

Ravitej Singh Khalsa Ravitej joined the Kundalini Research Institute (Los Angeles) in 1974 establishing a successful publication division. He has designed many of the yoga manuals, DVD packaging and books to the present. Designed both the KRI and 3HO logos symbolizing the individual and group consciousness, plus many other promotional and marketing materials. He has participated in teacher training in California and Oregon, plus had been active traveling in the Northwest with Yogi Bhajan. Ravitej has been present for lectures and classes with Yogi Bhajan since 1974. He plays the gong and teaches from the simplest senior classes to challenging men’s yoga, spring cleaning, plus survival yoga and meditation. He has also had a career in television, advertising and publishing as an art director. Ravitej is an accomplished photographer and cinematographer contributing to many new yoga manuals, client marketing plus producing music, client and yoga videos. It has certainly been a journey.