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Ananda Dasprem Kaur

Ananda Dasprem Kaur loves the practice of Kundalini yoga for the transformative power of the breathing practices and mantra to calm the mind, and to help train the mind to be in service to our highest self.

She became KRI Level 1 certified in 2020 and feels deep gratitude for the wisdom she has received from all her teachers here at Yoga West Eugene and from the Ananda Hatha Yoga tradition. She brings her experience as a practitioner of hatha yoga for over 25 years and of Kundalini yoga for over a decade.

“Ananda Dasprem” means to embody profound bliss and love in life, from devotionally serving with the most heartfelt and highest consciousness. It brings her great joy to share these teachings with students so that they may experience greater peace through all of life’s challenges and work toward becoming the shiniest and best version of their true self.

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