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Jessica Gladstar

Jessica Gladstar Jessica Gladstar brings a soothing power of mindfulness and steady ease to the ancient practices of Kundalini Yoga. Certified KRI teacher in 2020, she has focused on integrating awareness, breath, and movement to heal and restore the natural flow and rhythms of life to open to our natural ease with whatever life brings. She especially enjoys creating a clear, steady, mind and flexible, relaxed body that lets our spirits shine brightly.

Jessica Gladstar has also taught as a college faculty for over 15 years in fine art and design where she steadily has focused on uplifting youth and caring for the natural wonders of our Earth and all beings.

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Remember, in every communication the first 15 seconds are terrible. But if you become calm, sober and listen, your only turmoil will be for those 15 seconds. Within 15 seconds the person will recognize you are listening, and because the person feels you are listening, they will be interested in convincing you. With anger, yelling and screaming, it can’t happen. So immediately the posture will become communicative.

- Yogi Bhajan