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Gurumukh Khalsa

Awakening our True and Authentic Nature

In this hour and half class, we will explore the various facets of the power of meditation and mantra. What are the ingredients to transform our Psyche? How can we live more consciously and fully? I love the play of sound and how it awakens something deeper within me and so in this class we will touch on many of the teachings of Yogi Bhajan as related to mantra. I will draw on my many years of study of depth psychology and alchemy and the beautiful analogies it provides. Alchemy has been called the Yoga of the West. We will delve into the reality of the mantra/meditation practice, which is said to bring light and bliss, but we also do not understand that Kundalini must descend before it rises. The unconscious shadow elements will be explored. It should also be understood that shadow elements not only contain negative characteristics (which we project on other people) but are also the gems and jewels of our interiority that are waiting to be awakened. I will also incorporate my 20+ years of training in the classical Kirtan of the Sikh’s/Bhaktis which provide a deep understanding of how Rhythm, Melody, and the intrinsic Naad (atomic level of sound) affect the practice of mantra and the experience there from.

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