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Morning Sadhana

A discipline to bring out your fearlessness and to experience your depth and reach as a human being. Sadhana brings out our excellence and our best and is practiced by many different faith and spiritual traditions: Buddhist, Hindu, Sufi, Sikh, and Kundalini Yoga.

Here is what Yogi Bhajan said about Sadhana:

“The greatest reward of doing sadhana is that you become incapable of being defeated. Sadhana is a self-victory, a victory over time and space. When you get up for sadhana, you defeat a part of yourself. You don’t want to get up, getting up is a victory over time, a victory over space—that is what sadhana is. Sadhana is only for you; it is a self-victory. When you do sadhana in the sangat, then you enrich yourself in multiple ways. First, the isolation which can hit anybody and make them go totally crazy is defeated. Secondly, when all of you meditate on God, the total effect of your sadhana becomes multiplied by the number of people who did it. Sadhana is an answer to every misfortune.”

Amrit Vela: During what are called the “ambrosial hours” (the two and a half hours just before sunrise), when the sun is at a sixty-degree angle to the Earth, the energy you put into your sadhana gets maximum results. Your world is quieter. It’s easier to meditate and concentrate before the hustle and bustle of the day begins. If you absolutely cannot get up early in the morning to do sadhana, then do it some other time. Doing sadhana at any time of the day or night will benefit you. (Kundalini Yoga: The Flow of Eternal Power by Shakti Parwha Kaur)

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Being is prior to existence. Existence is form, content, “what happens.” Existence is the foreground of life. Being is the background.

- Eckhart Tolle