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Sat Ganesha S. Khalsa

Sat Ganesha Singh Khalsa Sat Ganesha Singh Khalsa has been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation for many, many years. He trained the traditional way with Yogi Bhajan.  He is certified with the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (IKYTA) Level 2, a Sat Nam Rasayan practitioner (meditative healing practice) Level 2 and a Minister of Sikh Dharma.

Serve yourself, serve others and serve the world. Allow the Grace of the Divine to manifest!

The Words: Practical Participation, Courage, Compassion, Calmness, Sat Nam, Humor, Grateful, Body-Mind-Spirit, Service, God, Goddess, Sovereignty, Healthy-Happy-Holy, Khalsa, Humble, Outrageous, Bliss, Kind, Conscious, Caliber, Character, Wahe Guru, Grace, Keep Up, Victory, Fearless, Love, Boundless…what are your Words?

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