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40-day studio-wide meditation. Start with new year.

Meditation for Developing Your Human Kindness

December facilitates deep reflection, setting the stage for a new season, a new year, the seed awaiting new beginnings. Our teachers gathered to discuss and choose a studio wide 40-day meditation to offer in all our classes for the coming new year. The meditative seed that we want to extend into your care is Bandhu Dya Kriya. Also known as Developing Your Human Kindness, this meditation gives one the capacity to rise above time and space. Approaching this meditation with a state of reverence and actively projecting love and devotion will bring forth excellence.

Duration: 11 Minutes

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose with your spine straight, chin in and chest lifted. Place your hands in the mudra.

In this meditation, the breath, the prana, is controlled by the rhythmic eight strokes and is projected out as sound …

Further details: Meditation for Developing Your Human Kindness.

Our encouragement is for our students to prioritize and practice this meditation for 40 days. Whether you start January 1st or soon after, the benefits of prioritizing a spiritual practice, a sadhana, is transformational. As we commit to this daily 11-minute meditation a deeper awareness of yourself can reveal itself. Your relationship with the practice itself becomes more comfortable and change is experienced.  Yogic philosophy posits that 40 days is the amount of time it takes to develop a new habit and internalized the effects of the kriya. Each class at Yoga West will facilitate and integrate this meditation into classes beginning on New Year’s Day.

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