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Sat Nam Rasayan™ Practice Group

Sunday, June 7th 2020

On the 1st Sunday of each month from 7 to 8:30pm, you are invited to join the Sat Nam Rasayan (SNR) Practice Group in meditative healing practice. Guru Ram Das inspires this practice through his embodiment of the neutral mind and deep healing compassion.

Sat Nam Rasayan™ is an ancient yogic form of healing through the awareness - part of the lineage of Kundalini Yoga. In this weekly group, we practice a contemplative state called the projected meditative mind, which allows the release of resistance in the form of pre-conceptions, conditions, and boundaries. We begin each session with a group meditation to help establish this state, and then trade with a partner alternately giving and receiving work. Newcomers are paired with an advanced student to directly experience the deep relaxation (Rasayan) that is the essence of this subtle, yet profound form of healing for all levels of the being.

For more information, contact the facilitator, Sat Ganesha S. Khalsa (541) 687-5929

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