Go Deep Meditation Series

Class Times:

Day Time
Monday7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
thru December 17th


Simrat Kaur

Clearing the Subconscious Mind.

Learn how to release pressure and live in your excellence through the use of meditative practices designed to clear the fog of the subconscious mind and eliminate self-defeating patterns.

Each class will include stretches and a yoga kriya to prepare you for meditation, followed by an extensive practice to clear the subconscious, all from the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.

“You have intelligence and common sense, but you don’t meditate regularly to clear out the mind.

When you fail to meditate, the combined strength of your subconscious and your thoughts catches you.  This combination, when the subconscious links with the play of the mind, is the origin of mental intrigues and most of your self-defeating patterns.” P 51 The Mind, Yogi Bhajan

“The cosmos is set up so that it is possible for an individual’s magnetic field and mental projection to imprint and prevail on the universal magnetic field. When you know this as an experience, integrity and innocence replace your intrigues (mind games).” Ibid p 57

Experience the “lightness of being” that comes from meditation to clear the subconscious.

Most effective (& less expensive) if one commits to all 11 classes in the series for $77
or pay single class rate: $9 ($8 for students and seniors)
Yoga West Introductory $20/20, 10-class, and 30-day unlimited month passes also accepted.