Pre-Natal Kundalini

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With Kundalini Yoga we will explore and practice breathwork, meditation, chanting, and stretching to feel connected to our true selves during the journey of pregnancy. As we step into this amazing profound passage, our bodies transform, our emotions shift and so do our needs. This pre-natal training offers students accessible techniques to integrate these changes, flourish in pregnancy, and set a beautiful internal environment for your baby.

Classes provide support for specific needs during all trimesters by offering adjustments and modifications. Students are welcome to join at any time as the practices cater to women in all trimesters. Please bring your mat, a blanket, blocks, and a bolster as needed for your comfort. Bring water to stay hydrated and snacks if desired.

For in-person / in-studio attendance please pre-register on our website. Please wear masks if current state guidelines require. Class is also accessible via Zoom.

  • Online classes are free or by donation ($5 to $15 is suggested).
  • Yoga West Introductory $20/20, 10-class, and 30-day unlimited month passes also accepted.
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