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Healing the Wounds of Love - 2021

3rd Week of April Special ZOOM Series

Mera Man Lochai - a mantra practice to heal the heart and mind

The practice consists of four letters written by Guru Arjan Dev ji to his father, Guru Ram Das Dev ji, and a mantra for the heart - “The Bhay Such Mantra”.

The wounds of love can be experienced as grief / hurt / anger / loneliness. We may feel these wounds as a sense of separation from self, an important person or people in our lives, and/or the sense of separation from the Infinite. We might also consider separation from our fellow beings – from the level of a household to the planet!


April 19
8:45-9:15 pm, Letter One and Bhay Such Mantra
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April 20
8:45-9:15 pm, Letter Two and Bhay Such Mantra
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April 21
8:45-9:15 pm, Letter Three and Bhay Such Mantra
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April 22
8:45-9:15 pm, Letter Four and Bhay Such Mantra
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April 23
7:00-8:15 pm, Friday Evening Concluding Complete Practice
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April 19-22 8:45-9:15 pm

Monday – Thursday evenings, short sessions: Simrat Kaur will teach one letter and the mantra for the heart during each short session. Each of these four evenings, 30-minute sessions. Please see link below.

Consider bringing a journal and/or simple art supplies.

April 23 7:00-8:15 pm

Friday Evening Concluding Complete Practice: will be facilitated by Simrat Kaur and she hopes a guest.

It will be done in “Tantric Style”, using diagonal energy and the Bhay Such Mantra to clear blocks, heal the heart, and elevate the spirit rapidly.

For the longer practice, Simrat will use audio screen share of the super powerful recording by Guru Raj Kaur and Nirinjan Kaur. Available from – called “Mera Man Lochai - The Meditation – Guru Raj Kaur and Nirinjan Kaur”

Download Mayraa Man Lochai

Suggested donation for the mini-series sliding scale $15-26.
No one turned away.

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